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Bring in a water sample for free testing.

Getting ready to close your pool or re-fill your hot tub? Bring in a water sample for our always-free testing. Our team has over 43 years of combined experience in water testing. It takes just a few minutes, and each test is done by hand to ensure accurate results. One of our qualified water testers will go through the results with you and make personalized recommendations for your situation.

Not sure if you need a water softener? We can test for that too. If you currently do not have a water softener, bring in a sample of cold water from your bathroom sink. Or contact us to set up a free in-home water analysis.

Have a water softener, but aren't sure if it is working? Bring in two water samples from your bathroom sink: one with cold water, the other with hot water. It may help us more accurately assess your water situation if you bring with you a sample of your source water (water that comes into your home without going through a softener).

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